Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute

Drums and More...

Doubledog Recording is primarily the private recording studio of Mike Kosacek.   I am available to record drum tracks through StudioDrumTracks.  From time to time I also work on a few additional projects with other bands or clients -- see my recent client list for more info.  


A Fantastic Live Room

Doubledog Recording has a great sounding room for recording drum tracks (it's 25' x 19' with vaulted ceilings that are 15' at the peak), however it also serves as a versatile tracking and mixing room too.  I have worked with local artists as well as those around the world where I have provided the drum tracks or where I have recorded, produced, mixed and mastered complete projects. 

Studio Gear

High End Digital Interface

High End Digital Interface

High End Digital Interface


Computer:  Dell XPS (Windows 10 x64)
Interface:  Universal Audio Apollo 16
Monitors:  Dynaudio BM6A mkII, Fluid Audio FX80 
Software: Pro Tools 2019
Plugins:  UAD, Waves, Sound Toys, Lexicon, Slate Digital and lots more... 

Top Notch Analog Front End

High End Digital Interface

High End Digital Interface

500 Series preamps

A-Designs:  EM-Red, Silver, Blue, Gold, P1 (2)
API:  500V rack, 500-8B lunchbox
Audio Maintenance Ltd.: 5003D
Avedis Audio:  MA5

HRK MP568C (2)
CAPI: VP312 (2)

Danfield Audio: MX20vpr

FiveFish audio SC1-MK500 (2)
Hairball Audio:  Copper, Gold
Radial:  JDI (2)
Universal Audio:  LA-610
Yamaha:  PM-1000 (custom racked by me) 


High End Digital Interface

Drums - Modern & vintage

Mic up the vintage Ludwig

AKG:  C414B-ULS (2), C451B (2)
Audio Technica:  AT-4033a (2)
Audix:  D6 (2), D4 (2), D3, D2 (2), i5, F10, F12
Cascade:  Fathead II (2), Vinjet
Electro-Voice:  EV664
Mojave Audio - MA-201f, MA-101f, MA-200
Nady: RSM-2
NSonic:  NS-1 (ribbon)
Revox:  M3500

SE: X1-D (2)
Sennheiser:  MD-421 (3), MD-441u
Shure: SM57 (2), SM11, SM58, SM7B

Slate: VMS ML-1, ML-2 (2)
Subkick Speaker Mic (DIY)
Telefunken: CU-29, M82

Warm Audio: WA-87 (2) 

Drums - Modern & vintage

Drums - Modern & vintage

Drums - Modern & vintage


Ludwig (vintage) - 12, 13, 16, 22
Pearl STS - 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 24
Pearl Reference - 10, 12, 13, 16, 22
Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute - 12, 16, 22

More Drums!

Drums - Modern & vintage

Guitars & Amps


I also have a wide assortment of  snares, cymbals, and percussion...

Hardware:  Pearl, Yamaha, DW/Pacific, Roc-n-Soc, Pork Pie, Ahead  

Snares:  Pearl, Ludwig, Pork Pie, GMS, Head, Worldmax, Drumcraft, Premier, Taye 

Cymbals:  Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Wuhan, Soultone, Istanbul 

Misc:  Congas, Bongos, Cajon, hand-percussion  

Guitars & Amps

Drums - Modern & vintage

Guitars & Amps


Eden:   Nemesis NC115 Bass amp
Egnater:  Tweaker 112 combo
Fender:  P-bass, Telecaster, Stratocaster, Blues Junior, Excelsior
Line6:  Pod 2.0
Yamaha:  PSR Keyboard, Nylon String Acoustic Guitar, G50-112ii
Misc:  Other guitars, Pignose Portable Amp, Zoom 505, Tube Screamer, Cry Baby Wah 

Complete Packages

We can help you with everything you need - studio musicians, recording, mixing, mastering, and even artwork and CDs or helping you get your product online.